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Kiev reservoir. 22.08.2020

2020-08-23| Andrew Simon

The plan was to visit the forest near Suvid, and part of the way there could be chosen along the reservoir, which we did together with a colleague from Belarus, Ludmila.

The season, to be honest, is not the best for bird watching in the reservoir, but I was still curious, although I could not see large flocks of birds. The first bird we met was Black-headed Gull. A little further on the stones Caspian Gulls were sitting together with the Black-headed Gulls, mallards, gray heron, cormorant and floated a lonely Common Pochard. A little further south we managed to see a small "duck" that sailed from the shore in the sun. It was defined as Common Goldeneye.

Immediately behind the yachtclube in the corner found a few waders: 2-3 Common Sandpiper and one Dunlin. Together with them ran white wagtails of different ages. In general, the white wagtails were evenly distributed throughout the parapet. While photographing the balls arrived individuals of 5-6 large cormorants.

Along the parapet to Lebedivka met several more groups of mallards and gulls, in one of such group also sat 4 Mew Gulls (3 of them in the final plumage). We also managed to meet the Common Sandpiper again and see the Little Ringed Plover.

Then we went to the forest, no one happened on the way. In the forest they heard a Black Woodpecker and some little tits. In general, as for departure after 12:00, not bad. But soon migration will gain momentum and should become even more interesting! So watch and do not forget to leave your diary entries on the site! & # x1f609;











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rare birds records

Pallas's Warbler (Phylloscopus proregulus)

© Yuriy Kodrul
Odessa Oblast, city of Chornomorsk

A rare vagrant species. Observations are known on Zmiiny Island in the 1980s and 2008, and in Odesa in 2016.<br>The bird was found by K. Pylypiuk.

Red Phalarope (Phalaropus fulicarius)

© Yevgen Chernolyev

A rare vagrant species. This autumn it was observed twice in Odesa region: on October 17 on Luzanivsky beach in Odesa by Yevhen Chernolev, on November 1 in the lower part of the Tнligul estuary, the bird was found by Olena Fomina. 22nd and 23rd observations of the species in Ukraine.

Great Skua (Stercorarius skua)

© Sergo Travelian
Kyiv Reservoir

The first photo of the species in Ukraine, the second observation for the Kyiv region and the sixth in the country as a whole.

Lesser Kestrel (Falco naumanni)

© Yuriy Kodrul
Kherson Oblast

A rare migratory species in Ukraine, in the Crimea it nests irregularly. The second registration in Ukraine during the year (the first meeting on 15.08.2020, one bird was observed by M. Sakh near the village of Kyrylivka, Zaporizhia region).

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Big Year 2020

1. Sapuga Alex (257)
2. Chernolyev Yevgen (255)
3. Mis\'kov Andrey (241)
4. Sheremet Oleg (237)
5. Rozhko Oleg (233)
6. Travelian Sergo (227)
7. Pylypiuk Kostiantyn (225)
8. Rudenko Vadim (224)
9. Honcharyk Natalia (222)
10. FOMINA ALENA (221)

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Андрій Сімон: Наче, жовтоногі та звичайні.


Олександр Гриб: Цікавить темний мартин в центрі.


Олександр Гриб: Цікавить мартин в центрі з строкатістю на голові та шиї.

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