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Little Grebe

Tachybaptus ruficollis (Pallas, 1764)

Пірникоза мала | Малая поганка
Abult, spring

Krivyi Rig
© Viktor Sevidov


The Little Grebe is a little bird slightly larger than Thrush. In breeding plumage the upperparts are black-brownish, flight feathers are brownish, and the secondaries are with large white spots; the lores and throat are black; the fore and sides of the top-neck are chestnut-rusty; underparts are grey-brownish, the middle-abdomen is slightly paler; the axillaries and underwing coverts are white. In winter the upperparts are brownish; the sides of head and neck and the fore-neck are dirty-buff; the throat, bottom-breast and abdomen are almost white slightly brownish tinged. Juveniles are similar on autumn adults; but generally paler, bottom-neck is almost without buffy tinge, abdomen is more whiter almost without brownish. In breeding plumage it is easy differenced by the absence of collar and crest, by the rusty cheeks and neck. In autumn plumage differenced from other Grebes by the generally buffy-rusty color. Weight 110-370 grams, length 25-29, wing 9,0-11,1, wingspan about 40 cm.


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