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Eurasian Jay

Garrulus glandarius (Linnaeus, 1758)

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The Eurasian Jay is Pigeon-sized bird, but less it on weight. The adult male and female have the whitish or rusty crown with black strips on the feathers of crest. The broad black moustachial strips extend from the bill onto throat-sides. The breast, belly and flanks are grey-brown with purple or rusty tinge. the great wing covers are bright-blue black barred. The primaries are dark-brown with whitish edges, secondaries are velvet-black with white patch. The upper and undertail are white. Tail is velvet-black; the bases of tail feathers have grey-blue strips. The bill is black, legs are dark-brown, eyes are whitish with blue or brownish tone. Juveniles distinguish from adults by the rusty tinge on belly and mantle and by the faintness of the dark streaks on the crest feathers. The living in Kazakhstan subspecies brandtii is slightly less the nominee race and has the grey expressive rusty tinged belly and back; and rusty-red head with black strips. Weight 120-147 grams, length 320-370, wing 168-181, tail 141-154, wingspan 520-600 mm.


В.К.Рябицев. "Птицы Урала, Приуралья и Западной Сибири". Екатеринбург, Изд-во Уральского университета, 2000.


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Oleg F.: один из двух видов судя по форме лицевого диска и окраске глаз. серая или длиннохвостая, но на мой взгляд не определить, не видно других деталей.


Oleg F.: чайка, но достоверна не определить. предлагаю удалить.


Ольга Малыгина: Ой - последнее предложение - там слово "те" пропущено). Совсем не ТЕ птицы))

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