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Alpine Accentor

Prunella collaris (Scopoli, 1769)

Тинівка альпійська | Альпийская завирушка

Carpaths mnts. Shiptsy.
© Sergey Ryzhkov


Adult Alpine Accentor in breeding plumage have grayish-brown upperparts with dark-brown longitudinal streaks on back and rump. There is small rufous patch on shoulders. Chin and throat are off-white or white with black-brownish cross streaks, formed by terminal tips of each feather. Craw, middle-breast and belly are grayish-brown, breast-flanks and belly-flanks are rufous-brown. Undertail is brown with broad pale edges on each feather. Flight feathers are dark-brown; lesser upperwing coverts are grayish-brown; median and greater coverts of secondaries are black with white tips; greater coverts of secondaries and alula are black-brown with narrow white terminal edges. Tail feathers are dark-brown; inner webs of tail feathers (exclude central pair) have large white terminal spots. Legs are pinkish-yellow, claws are dark-brown. Upper mandible is dark-brown, low mandible is yellow dark tipped. Eyes are pale-brown. In fresh plumage after autumn moulting the upperparts have well expressed buffy tone; cross streaks on throat are larger. Juveniles are brownish-grey above, with not clear streaks on back; underparts are buffy-brownish with off-white bases of craw feathers. Flight feathers are dark-brown with narrow clay-rusty edges on outer webs; last secondaries have broad edges; last feathers have large white spots. Upperwing coverts as on adults. Sizes: males - wing 95-101; females - wing 91-96 mm. Weight: 25-35 gr.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 4. "Наука". Алма-Ата, 1972.


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