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Spanish Sparrow

Passer hispaniolensis (Temminck, 1820)

Горобець чорногрудий | Черногрудый воробей

© Maxim Yakovlev


On the male of the Spanish Sparrow the mantle and shoulders are black contrast bordered on the plain dark-chestnut crown and neck. The buffy-grey edges of the mantle feathers are easy expressed. The uppertail is olive-grey. The cheeks, ear coverts, flanks of the neck, strip behind the ear, and supercilium are white. The lore, under eye strip, chin, throat and craw are black. The flanks with large black strips. The middle of the breast, abdomen and undertail are white. The lesser wing coverts are brownish, the median ones are brownish-black with the white tips formed the white wing bar. The greater wing coverts are with the broad yellowish-brownish edges. The axillaries and underwing coverts are white; the flight and tail feathers are dark-brown. The secondaries with dark-brown edges, the primaries with lighter ones. The bill is black, the legs are dark-brown. The spring female has olive-grey upperparts. Dark-brownish central parts of the feathers on the head and sometimes on the neck form the dusky slightly visible mottle pattern; on the mantle they are larger and form two pairs of longitudinal strips, between which the two pale or yellowish-white strips belong. The supercilium is pale. The cheeks, ear coverts, flanks of the neck and all underparts are buffy-greyish. Much of females have on the throat, craw and flanks the faint male's pattern; formed by dark-brownish feathers with the broad light edges. The flight and tail feathers are brownish. The bill is dark-brown; the legs are brownish. In fresh plumage the adult birds have the broad buffy edges, which almost hide the plumage pattern. Juveniles are similar on female but lighter and more buffy. The bill is yellowish-brownish, legs are brownish. Weight 22,2-37,5 grams, wing 72-83, tail 45-60 mm.


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other names

Испанский воробей

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