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Turdus pilaris (Linnaeus, 1758)

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The Fieldfare is well distinguished from other Thrushes by the color of upper parts. The head and rump are grey, the back and base of the wings are plain chestnut brown, the tail is dark-brown darker than other upper parts, underwings are white. The breast has a reddish wash, and the rest of the underparts are white. The breast and flanks are heavily black spotted. The female is similar on the male but its grey parts are brownish tinged; the brown color is less bright; the underparts spots are dimmer. The seasonal differences of plumage are insignificant, in autumn all the colors are dimmer and the beak is brownish-buffy instead yellow (on base) in summer. The juveniles are mottled on upper parts, the main distinguishing character from other Thrushes is dark tail. In the end of summer the juveniles are similar on adults but have dimmer colors. The distinctive habitude is the bringing up the tail on disquiet. Weight 75-130 grams, length 22-29, wing 13,6-15,2, wingspan 40-46 cm.


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