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Thrush Nightingale

Luscinia luscinia (Linnaeus, 1758)

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The Thrush Nightingale is similar in size to the Sparrow. The upper parts are plain olive-brown; the under parts are lighter; the throat and the middle of the abdomen are white; the breast and flanks with the easy appreciable dark mottles. The tail is with reddish tinge. Both sexes are similar; all seasonal plumages are similar too. It is distinguished from other passerines of the same size and exterior by the combination of the color of plumage and the slightly rounded tail; the absence of the neat supercilium and the dark strips on the head, the greenish and the yellowish tinges and the neat mottles in the plumage. The autumn plumage is almost similar to breeding ones. Juveniles have the light mottles on the upper parts and the scaly under parts; are distinguished from other juvenile Thrushes by the slightly rounded rusty-brown tail. Weight 22-31 grams, length 16-20, wing 8,4-9,4, wingspan 25-29 cm.


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