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Common Nightingale

Luscinia megarhynchos (C. L. Brehm, 1831)

Соловейко західний | Южный соловей

Gudya, Zakarpattja region
© Vasil Gleba


The Common Nightingale is very similar to the more known Thrush Nightingale but is distinguished by the tinges, especially on the under parts. Both sexes bear similar plumage; the plain dark-brown rufous tinged upper parts; more expressed on upper tail (the Thrush Nightingale has not rufous but olive upper tail; the upper tail and back are same color; the background color is more olive). The tail is reddish. Under parts are dirty creamy-white, some darker on the craw and breast and almost white on the throat and rear part of the abdomen. The legs are dark brown, the beak is dark horn color, and eyes are light brown. Juveniles are mottled. The feathers of the upper parts are brown with the buffy mottles and the dark very narrow terminal tips. The under parts are dirty buffy with the darker narrow terminal tips forming the scaly pattern. Weight - 21-30 grams, wingspan - 85,0-95,0; tail - 85,5 - 90,0 mm.


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Западный соловей

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Oleg F.: один из двух видов судя по форме лицевого диска и окраске глаз. серая или длиннохвостая, но на мой взгляд не определить, не видно других деталей.


Oleg F.: чайка, но достоверна не определить. предлагаю удалить.


Ольга Малыгина: Ой - последнее предложение - там слово "те" пропущено). Совсем не ТЕ птицы))

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