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Black Redstart

Phoenicurus ochruros (S. G. Gmelin, 1774)

Горихвістка чорна | Горихвостка-чернушка

© Oksana Raldugina


The Black Redstart is similar on Eurasian Redstart but distinguished from it by much of black in plumage. The male Black Redstart is distinguished from male Eurasian Redstart by the blackish-grey or black mantle and by much of black on underparts; the black color disperse to the breast's bottom; flanks and abdomen are orange (in European subspecies) or black (in Turkestan subspecies). The female doesn't have rufous color on the breast and flanks; it have brownish-grey color. The juveniles in first plumage are similar on female but have the well expressed dark borders on the upperparts. The juveniles are distinguished from the juveniles of Eurasian Redstart by the darker color and by the absent of light spots on upperparts. The tail on all plumages is red as on Eurasian Redstart. Weight 11-20 gr, length about 15, wing 7.8-8.5, wingspan 23-26 cm.


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