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Common Stonechat

Saxicola torquata (Linnaeus, 1766)

Трав'янка чорноголова | Черноголовый чекан
spring male

© Oksana Raldugina


Stonechat is the small less than sparrow bird. On constitution it is similar to Whinchat but a bit lesser and has longer tail and more round head. Spring male has the black head with the white collar, the reddish-rufous breast and the white or light-buffy rump. Female is buffy-rufous with the some darker upperparts. Female distinguishes on Whinchat female by a bit exposes of light supersilium, has not light patches on the tail's sides and has buffy or light-rufous color on the rump and the uppertail looking as a light patch. Juveniles on first plumage are similar to female but more dappled with light buffy streaks on crown, back and wings and with dark spots on underparts. Autumn males and juveniles are similar to females, but males have the white with rufous spots uppertail, more light than on females. As the Whinchat it has white patch on the shoulders part on all plumages but it has not white spots on the tail's sides. The rump and the uppertail are lighter that back. The tail is frequently fanned. Weight 11-18 grams, length about 12-13, wing 6,7-7,4, wingspan 18-21 sm.


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