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Red-breasted Flycatcher

Ficedula parva (Bechstein, 1794)

Мухоловка мала | Малая мухоловка
adult male

island Khortytsya
© Serhiy Kozodavov


In spring and summer Red-breasted Flycatcher adult male's the upper-head and upper-neck are brownish-grey passed to ashy-grey on forehead, ears coverts, neck-flanks, craw-flanks and breast-flanks. Mantle is brownish-grey, tail is piebald - central tail feather are dark-brown almost black, other ones are white with blackish terminal part. Chin, throat, craw and upper-breast are rufous, other underparts are white. Flanks and underwings are buff. Female is browner than male; without grey tones; rufous color on underparts changed by buffy patches lightened on throat. Juveniles are mottled; upperparts feathers are with buffy centers and dark edges, craw and breast are grayish with dark streaks, belly and undertail are white. On flanks of rear-belly there are two large buffy patches. First-year male is even slightly paler than adult female; without buffy patches on breast and flanks and without rufous throat-patch. In second year craw becomes much rufous; but only in third year craw becomes bright-rufous. Bill is dark-brown with slightly paler base, eyes are walnut color, legs and claws are black-brown. Sizes: wing 64-71, tail 48-57, tarsus 16-18. Weight: 8.4 - 10.6 gr.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 3. "Наука". Алма-Ата, 1970.


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Ольга Малыгина: Почитала про речного сверчка и теперь у меня есть сомнения в том, что это соловьиный))) Очень жду мнения профи.


Ольга Малыгина: Точно не она. Мухоловка серая имеет серый оттенок окраски спины и крыльев, пестрины на голове и у нее нет светлой брови, плюс размер птицы


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