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Common Whitethroat

Sylvia communis (Latham, 1787)

Кропив'янка сіра | Серая славка

© Nikolay Sinaynskiy


The Common Whitethroat is less than Sparrow bird. The upperparts are mostly grey; upperwings are rusty (broad rusty edges on the greater coverts and inner primaries); the throat is clear white. From Lesser Whitethroat it is distinguished by the paler crown; rusty upperwings; clear white eye ring; buffy legs; long tail; and larger size. The underwings are grey. Both sexes are identical, but spring male often have pink tinge on the flanks and breast; the outer tail feathers have clear white outer webs; the female doesn't have pink tinge, the outer webs of outer tail feathers are pale-buffy or light-brown. Also female has not so clear grey but brownish crown; the male's eyes are light-brown, but female's ones are brownish or dark-brown. Juveniles are similar on adults but have buffy tinge on all plumage including throat. The rusty edges of the wing feathers are the main diagnostic difference from the Lesser Whitethroat and Garden Warbler. Weight 12-20 grams, length about 14, wing 6,7-8,1, wingspan 18-23 cm.


В.К.Рябицев. "Птицы Урала, Приуралья и Западной Сибири". Екатеринбург, Изд-во Уральского университета, 2000.


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