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Barred Warbler

Sylvia nisoria (Beсhstеin, 1795)

Кропив'янка рябогруда | Ястребиная славка
adult male

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The Barred Warbler is Sparrow-sized larger than other Sylvidae birds. It is well distinguished from other same-sized birds by the specific appearance: the hawk-like heavily barred underparts and "steam" yellow eyes. The male has dark-grey mantle with the pale cross mottles, especially expressed on the scapulars and uppertail. The female has brownish-grey mantle; the strips are less clear; the median abdomen is without strips. The old males have orange-yellow eyes; the first-year males and old females have yellow, dirty-yellow or greenish-yellow eyes; the first-year females have pale-brown or buffy eyes. The autumn plumage is a few differs from breeding one; because of the broader pale edges the scaly pattern on the male's back is more expressive. Juveniles's general color is sandy-grey; the scaly pattern is absent or almost absent; the upperparts feathers have rusty edges; eyes are grey or brownish. Juveniles are easy confused with Garden Warbler; it is necessary to distinguish them by the pale strips on the wings, especially on tips of median and greater coverts and tertials; sometimes by the pale scaly pattern on the rump and uppertail and dark scaly pattern on the flanks. Then the Barred Warbler is larger and have longer tail. In the end of summer after the molting the scaly pattern on the underparts and rump are more expressive. Weight 20-35 grams, length about 15-17, wing 8,0-9,4, wingspan 23-27 cm.


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