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Eurasian Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus scirpaceus (Hermann, 1804)

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The Eurasian Reed Warbler is medium-sized warbler (less than Sparrow); the upperparts are olive-brownish rusty tinged especially on the rump; the crown without mottles and strips. The underparts are whitish buffy tinged especially on flanks. The eye-ring is light and faintly; the supercilium is faint, short almost not expanded over the eye. The light edges on the flight feathers are faintly expressed. It is most resembles the Blyth's Reed, Paddyfield and Marsh Warbles. From Blyth's Reed Warbler it is distinguished by the buffy tone domination and the expressed rusty uppertail; from Marsh Wrbler by the same characters and the dark legs (grey-brown without buffy domination); from the Paddyfield Warbler by the flattening forehead, slimmer constitution; narrow faint supercilium; plain monochromatic upperparts; dark legs. The seasonal differences of plumage are insignificant. The adult birds have light-brown “hawk” eyes. Juveniles have brown eyes; plumage is slightly rusty than on adults. Contact features: 2nd primary is longer than 5th, on folded wing the primaries projection is more than 15 mm; the claw of rear finger is about the finger on length. Weight 9-15 grams, length about 13, wing 5,9-7,4, wingspan 17-21 cm.


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