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Marsh Warbler

Acrocephalus palustris (Bechstein, 1798)

Очеретянка чагарникова | Болотная камышевка

island Khortytsya
© Serhiy Kozodavov


Adult Marsh Warblers in breeding plumage have olive-brownish to olive-grey upperparts. Uppertail is paler than mantle, rusty tinge on rump is lack. Clayey supercilium is barely expressed. Flight and tail feathers are brownish with olive-brown edges of outer webs and grayish tips. Underparts, axillaries and underwing coverts are clayey-grey, throat and middle-belly are whitish. In summer upperparts are grayish-brown without olive tinge, underparts are whiter. In fresh autumn plumage upperparts have rusty-yellowish tones; underparts have more extensive buffy tinge. Upper mandible is brownish, lower mandible is pale, yellowish. Legs are grey, eyes are brown. Juveniles in first autumn plumage are rufous and extremely similar to Eurasian Reed Warbler. In first plumage juveniles are rusty-brownish above and with heavy expressed rusty tinge on underparts. Size: wing 61-68, tail 53-56, tarsus 21-22.5 mm. Weight 11.4-14.2 gr.


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