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Paddyfield Warbler

Acrocephalus agricola (Jerdon, 1845)

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The Paddyfield Warbler is less than Blyth's Reed Warbler; with more compact constitution; rounder head; but slightly long tail. The upperparts are rusty-brown without dark streaks and strips; the rump and uppertail are rustier than the mantle. The crown also without sharp streaks, but in distinction from the Blyth's Reed, Eurasian Reed and Marsh Warblers the head is slightly darker than mantle especially on the flanks of crown. The supercilium is white or whitish, broad and long, away continues behind the eye; the eye ring is low expressed. The underparts are whitish, very light; especially on the chin and throat from which the white continues to the flanks of the neck. It is distinguished from Sedge Warbler by the absence of dark streaks on the crown and mantle (the upperparts aren't contrast); from Hippolais and Phylloscopus Warblers by the not plain upperparts (the crown is darker than mantle; the rump is rusty), by rounder tail; and by habitat (always near the water). The bill is relatively short, dark; the lower mandible's base is yellow. Both sexes are similar. The seasonal differences of plumage are insignificant. In the second part of summer birds become rustier. Juveniles have heavy brownish, rusty or buffy tinge on the underparts. The "bird in hand" evidences: 1st primary is longer than wing coverts; 2nd primary is shorter than 5th one; the length from the tip of 1st primary to the top of the wing less than 15 mm. Weight 7-14 gramms, length about 13, wing 5,2-6,2, wingspan 15-18 cm.


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