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Sedge Warbler

Acrocephalus schoenobaenus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Очеретянка лучна | Камышевка-барсучок

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he adult Sedge Warblers both males and females in breeding plumage are grey-brownish above with blackish-brown streaks which disappeared on rump and uppertail coverts. Uppertail is rufous unstreaked. The dark spots on head formed the rows, the number of which usually is four: two broad rows on head-flanks and two narrow on crown. The white supercilium is well prominent. The lores and ears coverts are darker than background. Flight and tail feathers are brownish grey-tipped. The outer webs of secondaries have broad white edges. Underparts are yellowish-clayey, the flanks are darker and the throat is almost white. Axillaries are whitish of clayey-tinged. Underwing coverts are pale-grey with clayey borders. In autumn plumage all colors brighter, the rufous dominates on upperparts, the supercilium and underparts are buffy. Upper mandible is dark-brownish, the base of lower mandible is pale, yellowish. Legs are bluish-grey or yellowish-grey, the soles are dark-yellow. Claws are black. Iris is greyish-brown. Juveniles in first plumage are similar on autumn adults, but have the dark spots on throat-flanks and fore-neck, and the neater streaks on upperparts. Size: wing 61-70, tail 48-57, tarsus 20-23 mm, weight 11.0-13.2 gr.


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