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Moustached Warbler

Lusciniola melanopogon (Temminck, 1823)

Очеретянка тонкодзьоба | Тонкоклювая камышевка

Yalpug lake
© Alexander Nastachenko


The adult Moustached Warbler in breeding plumage has the olive-brownish rusty tinged upperparts and the longitudinal dark-brownish streaks on the back. The head is darker than back, there is dark strips above the white supercilium on the head; the crown is rusty-grey with dark-brown centers of the feathers. The uppertail is yellowish-brown without mottles. The flight and tail feathers are dark-brownish with buffy edges. The inner secondaries are with the broad light edges. The underparts are white buffy tinged on the breast, flanks and undertail. The underwings are white. The plumage is dense, long and soft. The bill is dark, strong and pointed; the legs are lead-grey; the eyes are brownish. The sexes are identical. In fresh plumage the upperparts are rusty-brown rufous tinged; the underparts have clayey tone. Juveniles have rustier tinge; are heavily streaked and have markings on the breast. Weight 10,6-13,6 grams, length about 140, wing 58-62, tail 52-59 mm.


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