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Northern Wren

Troglodytes troglodytes (Linnaeus, 1758)

Волове очко | Крапивник

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The Northern Wren is very small bird, much smaller than Sparrow. The exterior of Wren is very specific: it is stocky large-headed bird rufous-brown above barred with dark-brown and grey, even on wings and tail; and with short stump-tail. The bill is dark brown, the legs pale brown. The seasonal, age and sex variation of plumage is insignificant. But juveniles in first plumage are distinguished by rufous-red tinge on upperparts (adults are rufous-brown above), the head feathers are pale-brown with dark edges on tips (adults lack these edges), light supercilium is faint, the belly and flanks are faintly barred. It is very mobile, sticks the dense bushes and windfalls low or on the ground. Its movements are incessant rather than rapid; its flights swift but short. Weight 7-12 grams, length 9-11, wing 4,5-5,2, wingspan 15-17 cm.


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