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Eurasian Dipper

Cinclus cinclus (Linnaeus, 1758)

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The Eurasian Dipper is a water-living Thrush-sized bird with a dense constitution, short wings and tail. The adult male and female have dark-brown upper head, neck and fore part of the back. The rear part of the back is grey with scaly pattern not visible from a distance. The uppertail are grey with the slightly brown tone. The coloring of the underparts of the different subspecies large varies from the almost white to brownish. The flanks are brownish grey tinged; the flight and tail feathers are brownish-grey. Male and female are similar. The seasonal differences of plumage are absent. Juveniles on upperparts are lighter than adults, brownish-grey with expressive scaly pattern formed by the dark-brownish edges on the wing coverts; the light color of the throat and abdomen are also with dark scaly pattern from the throat to undertail. In autumn the juveniles are similar on adults. The Dipper flies rapidly and straight, low on water. Weight 50-85 grams, length17-20, male wing 9,2-10,1, female wing - 8,2-9,1, wingspan 25-30 cm.


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