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Tawny Pipit

Anthus campestris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Щеврик польовий | Полевой конек

Odesska oblast
© Yuriy Kodrul


The Tawny Pipit is a little long-tailed and long-billed bird. It is distinguished from other Pipits by the very light sandy-pale color without streaks on the underparts or with faint streaks only on breast. The upperparts are sandy faintly streaked. The rear claw is a bit curved and equal or some longer on length the toe. The legs are buffy in distinction from off-pink or yellow-orange legs of other Pipits. It is specific feature of the Tawny Pipit to stand erect on looking about. Males and females are similar, the autumn plumage are almost same on spring one. At insufficient experience the juveniles may be confused with Richard's Pipit and other Pipits because they are darker and more streaked than adults. They are distinguished from Richard's Pipit by the less size, from other Pipits by the pale color, broad whitish supercilium and by the reddish tinged upperparts with the dark streaks and pale edges. Weight 18-27 grams, length 16-19, wing 8,3-9,8, wingspan 26-30 cm.


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