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Grey Wagtail

Motacilla cinerea (Tunstall, 1771)

Плиска гірська | Горная трясогузка

Zakarpatska oblast. NPP "Sinevir"
© Yuriy Kodrul


The adult male of the Grey Wagtail in breeding plumage have ashy-grey crown, ear coverts, neck and mantle; the rump and uppertail are yellowish-green. The flight feathers are black-brown; the last secondaries are with white or grayish edges on the outer webs. The white bases of the secondaries form the faint speculum. The lesser wing coverts are grey; the greater and median coverts are dark-brownish with pale edges. The tail is long; the tail feathers are black-brownish; the three outer pairs are white; the second and third pairs have variable brownish color. Supercilium is white. On the throat sides there are two white strips; the chin and throat are black often with whitish tips of feathers. Other underparts are bright-yellow. The underwing coverts and axillaries are white. Bill and claws are black, legs are pale-brownish, eyes are brown. The adult female in breeding plumage has less bright underparts (pale-yellow); the chin and throat are white; supercilium is narrower. In autumn plumage birds are greenish-olive tinged above; the black patch on the male's throat mostly hid by the broad white edges of feathers; there are broad greenish-white edges on wings. Juveniles are grey above, uppertail is yellowish-green. Supercilium and underparts are off-white yellow tinged on the breast, abdomen and undertail; yellow becomes intensively on the undertail. The males have dark mottled craw and sides of throat. The median and greater upperwing coverts are with pale olive-grey edges; the last secondaries have greenish-white edges. Weight - 14,5-18,5 grams; wing 78-89 , tail 74-104 mm.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 3. "Наука". Алма-Ата, 1970.


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