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Sky Lark

Alauda arvensis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Жайворонок польовий | Полевой жаворонок

© Oksana Raldugina


Adult males and females of the Skylark have typical "Lark" coloring. This type of color is formed by the combination of the brown or brownish shafts and centers of feathers with the buffy or grayish-buffy edges of feathers. The crown is with narrow dark streaks; the ear coverts are brownish. The supercilium is pale. The mantle and upperwings are with broad dark streaks. The flight feathers are with pale edges; the outer web of the second primary is off-white; the underwing coverts are pale, grayish-brownish. The tail feather excepting two outer pairs are blackish-brown, outer pair is white with the dark spot in the base part of inner web; the second pair is with white outer web. The third pair have only off-white edge on the outer web. The spread tail looks black with white sides. The throat, breast and abdomen are off-white, dirty-buff. The chainlets of little spots begin on the bill base and stretch on the throat. The craw-sides have dark mottles; the broader and more washed spots are on the flanks. After the autumn molting in fresh plumage the birds have brighter color; the spots and streaks are darker and neater; the edges are broader with more expressive buffy tinge on the webs borders. The eyes are brown; upper mandible is brownish; low mandible is pale. The legs are brownish-grey; the claw of rear toe is long and not curved. Juveniles in first plumage are mottles above and grayish-buff slightly mottled below. The mottled pattern formed by the off-white tips of the feathers. In first autumn plumage the juveniles are similar on adults but have the brownish centers of feathers of upperparts, and broader buffy edges. Sizes: males – wing 104.5-118, tail 68-83.5; females – wing 97-113.8, tail 62.5-74.6 mm. Weight: 28-48 grams.


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