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Horned Lark

Eremophila alpestris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Жайворонок рогатий | Рогатый жаворонок

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The adult male Horned Lark has grayish-pink nape and uppertail; mantle and upperwings are grey faintly streaked. The top of forehead and elongate feathers of the crown ("horns") are black. The median forehead, supercilium and ear coverts are white (or sulphur-yellow on subspecies flava). The strip beginning on the low forehead and bill base and extending under the eye is black as the cheeks also. This strip can merge with the broad black breast-patch (on mountain race albigula) but can separated by the white area (on other races). The throat is white. The light parts of the head on flava subspecies may be not white but sulphur-yellow. The flight feathers are pale-brownish with narrow off-white edges on the outer webs. The narrow ended central pair of the tail feathers is brownish with paler edges of webs; the outer tail feathers are brownish with white outer webs; other ones are black. The breast under the black patch, abdomen and undertail are grayish-white. Females are paler than males; with faintly obvious "horns". The light parts are greyer, the streaks on upperparts are neater than on males; black parts on the forehead may be faintly obvious. The legs are black, the bill is blackish-brown with the yellow base of low mandible, eyes are brown. Juveniles in first plumage are grey brownish and whitish mottled above and whitish-grey below. The breast is dark-grey tinged with mottles. Sizes: males – wing 103.0-117.5, tail 65.0-85.0; females – wing 98.0-109.0, tail - 65.0-82.0 mm. Weight: 23.0-43.5 grams.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 3. "Наука". Алма-Ата, 1970.


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