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White-winged Lark

Melanocorypha leucoptera (Pallas, 1811)

Жайворонок білокрилий | Белокрылый жаворонок

Bulakhivka lyman lake
© Alexander Nastachenko


The White-winged Lark is slightly larger than Skylark. The most specific obvious feature of male is chestnut-brown color of crown, ear coverts, uppertail and wing coverts. The underparts are very pale almost all white. The bird on flight shows broad white terminal band on the wing. This band may be faintly appreciable on the light sky background and the wings look narrow and pointed as on Shorebirds. The female is much dimmer, has more typical Lark coloring; but chestnut-brown color is well obvious; and the white wing band is present. Females are slightly less than males. In autumn plumage all birds have on upperparts plumage the buffy-whitish tips which well hide the chestnut color, most appreciable on the wing bent. Juveniles in first plumage look mottled. They are brownish off-white mottles above and off-white dark mottled below; the chestnut color on the wings is not bright but appreciable. Juveniles in autumn plumage are similar the adults. White wing band and chestnut wing band are main species features in all plumage. White on folded wing may be hidden. Weight 36-53 grams, length 17-21, wing 10,3-12,8, wingspan 27-37 cm.


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