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Calandra Lark

Melanocorypha calandra (Linnaeus, 1766)

Жайворонок степовий | Степной жаворонок

© Uri Muhin


The Calandra Lark is a large, Starling-sized, strongly built bird with short tail and strong bulbous bill. The coloration is typical on Larks; the upperparts are sandy-grey dark streaked and the underparts are off-white. On craw-sides there are two large black triangle-rounded patches sometimes connected on the craw. The breast is with dark streaks. The most obvious feature in flight is the dark wings with white terminal band, especially well appreciable on underwing. The tail is short and narrow because the bird usually folds tail even in the song-flight. Males and females are similar, but males are larger (wings lengths are not crossed). In autumn plumage the coloration is generally same but more buffy above because of fresh broad edges of feathers; dark patches on craw-sides are less on size and less obvious. Autumn juveniles are not distinguished from adults. Weight 53-73 grams, length 19-22, male wing 122-141, female wing - 115-122, wingspan 38-44 cm.


В.К.Рябицев. "Птицы Урала, Приуралья и Западной Сибири". Екатеринбург, Изд-во Уральского университета, 2000.


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