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Crested Lark

Galerida cristata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Посмітюха | Хохлатый жаворонок

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The Crested Lark is well distinguished from other larks by the larger size and quite large crest on the head. Adult males and females are similar on color. The crown is brownish, grayish or grey buffy-tinged; with brownish streaks broader and darker on the crest. The nape and mantle are brownish or pale-brown-grey with faint brownish streaks. The uppertail is without streaks, often with fine buffy tinge. The supercilium is broad off-white. Two lines of little brownish spots continue from the low mandible on neck sides. The ear coverts are brownish or pale-brownish-grey. The throat is off-white. The breast is off-white with large brown streaks. The belly and undertail are white. The flanks are pale streaked. The upperwing coverts are brownish with broad pale edges. The flight feathers are dark-brownish or pale-brownish with broad pale edges. The axillaries and underwing coverts are pinkish-buffy. The central tail feathers are slightly narrow grayish ended; the second from center pair is darker brownish-grey; the third, fourth and fifth pairs are black-brownish; the outer webs of the fifth pair are pale-buffy; the outer sixth pair is grey-buffy with brownish shaft and base of the inner web. In winter plumage the webs of the coverts are broader and general color is lighter. Females are distinguished from males by the less size and less crest. Juveniles are brownish white spotted. On juvenile's growing the white spots on the feathers tips worn and become less. Length 180-190 mm; males - wing 98.2-114, tail 63-78; females - wing 97.3-111,6, tail 63.8-81.1 mm. Weight 24-51 grams.


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