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Red-rumped Swallow

Hirundo daurica (Linnaeus, 1771)

Ластівка даурська | Рыжепоясничная ласточка

© Maxim Yakovlev


The Red-rumped Swallow is resemble the Barn Swallow by the proportion, size and long deep-cut tail. Adult male has the blackish-blue metallic glossed crown, mantle and scapulars. The neck and uppertail are rusty; the wings and tail are black-brown with slightly metallic gloss. In the middle parts of inner webs of the outer tail feathers there is a washed white spot. Undertail is black. Underparts are rufous-white with the longitudinal dark streaks on shafts of feathers. The rate of expression of these streaks varies on different subspecies. Underwings are buffy-whitish. Females are similar on males, but metallic gloss on plumage is slighter. Juveniles almost lack the metallic gloss (the head, mantle and scapulars are black-brown; the wings and tail are brownish). Besides juveniles have rusty-buff edges on the tips of wing coverts and especially on the secondaries. Underparts are buffier. The bill is black, legs are brown or blackish, eyes are black-brown. Weight 18-20 grams, male wing 115-119, female wing 112-116 mm.


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