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Red-breasted Goose

Branta ruficollis (Pallas, 1769)

Казарка червоновола | Краснозобая казарка

Kherson region
© Alexander Nastachenko


The Red-breasted Goose is unmistakable identified by the specific black, white and chestnut-reddish colors. The forehead, top-head, back-neck, back, tail and wings are black. The head-sides have the large chestnut-reddish spot on the ear-area; these spots are bordered by the broad white edges which extended on the neck-flanks. The craw and neck-flanks are chestnut-reddish bordered by the white strip from the black belly. The upper- and undertail coverts and the rear-belly are white. The bill and legs are white; the eyes are reddish-brown. The juveniles are similar on adults but not so bright with less neat patterns; the “red” craw is yellowier with pale and brownish spots; the reddish spot on the cheek is less; the white strips are broader, sometimes the red on the head is lack; the wings have 3-5 white bars (2 on adults). The one-year birds also have these characters; the dim juvenile plumage is changed on bright adult one. Weight 1.0-1.7 kg, length 53-56, wing males 35.5-39.0, females - 33.2-36.0, wingspan 116-135 cm.


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