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Alpine Swift

Apus melba (Linnaeus, 1758)

Серпокрилець білочеревий | Белобрюхий стриж

Sherbetovka, Crimea.
© Uri Muhin


Adult Alpine Swift is dark-brownish above; chin, throat and belly are white; dark color of under-neck cross white underparts by broad dark collar. Undertail and underwings are brownish. In fresh plumage dark coverts have pale edges which formed scaly pattern. Wings are narrow and long, in non-flying positions wings are longer than tail. Wing form is 2>1>3. Outer tail feather are longer than central one on 15-25 mm, therefore tail is deep cut. Tarsus is slight but toes are strong and have sharp curved claws. Eyes, bill and legs are dark. Juveniles in first plumage are slightly paler, whitish edges of its feathers are more extended. Sizes: male wing 203-219.5, female wing 208-221, male tail 91-100, female tail 81-101, male bill 8.5-9, female bill 7-10, tarsus 15-18 mm. Male weight 71-100, female weight 81.5-115 gr. Generally females are larger than males.


«Птицы Казахстана» под редакцией И.А.Долгушина, том 3, Алма-Ата, 1970.


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