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Boreal Owl

Aegolius funereus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Сич волохатий | Мохноногий сыч

Zhitomyr region
© Alexander Nastachenko


Adult Boreal Owls both males and females are brownish above with white spots on head, neck, shoulders and upper wing coverts. The nape's spots are drop-shaped, rear-neck's spots are larger than on nape, and shoulder's spots are larger than on neck. Back is plain brownish. Primaries are pale-brownish or brownish with white spots on outer and inner webs. Tail feathers are brownish with long pale spots formed five-six pale bars on the furled tail. Head is large. Facial disk is white with brownish streaks near eyes and ears and black spot in front of eye. Breast and belly are pale-grey or whitish with unclear pale-brownish spots. Bill is yellow, claws are black. Tarsus is white, dense feathered. Eyes are yellow. Females are some larger than males. Juveniles are darker than adults. Upperparts are chocolate-brownish or deep rusty-brownish. Head is brownish without pale spots. Throat and craw are brownish, upper-belly is brownish-buffy, lower-belly is with whitish-buffy pattern. Tarsus is white buffy tinged. Sizes: males - wing 145-157 mm, tail 90 mm, bill 10 mm; females - wing 174 mm, tail 93 mm, bill 12,5 mm. Weight 107-140 gr.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 2. "Наука". Алма-Ата, 1962.


other names

Лесной сыч. Tengmalm's Owl.

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