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Whiskered Tern

Chlidonias hybrida (Pallas, 1811)

Крячок білощокий | Белощекая крачка

© Oksana Raldugina


The adult Whiskered Terns in breeding plumage have black crown; upperparts are slaty-grey fluently lighting to tail; wings and tail are pale-grey. Chin and cheeks are white. Craw and breast dark-grey, belly is blackish. Underwings and undertail are white. Bill and legs are red. Eyes are reddish-brown. In winter plumage the mantle is very pale greyish-ashy; all other parts are white; dark-brown strip passes through the eye; there are narrow black core-streaks on the crown. Bill and legs are brownish. Juvenile are similar to winter adults but have dark-brown with buffy edges feathers on the head and mantle; buffy edges are broader on shoulders feathers. Sizes: wing 225-250 mm, tarsus 27 – 34 mm, bill 27-34 mm.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 2. Алма-Ата, 1962.


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