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Glaucous Gull

Larus hyperboreus (Gunnerus, 1767)

Мартин полярний | Бургомистр

Dniprodzerzhinsk HPS
© Alexander Nastachenko


Glaucous Gull is very large bird closed to Pallas's Gull in size. Adult Glaucous Gulls in spring plumage are white with pale bluish-grey mantle, shoulder feathers, secondaries and bases of primaries. In winter plumage head and neck have pale grey streaks. Bill is yellow with orange-red spot on the angle of low mandible, legs are yellowish-pink. Eyes are pale-yellow, eye-ring are yellow or red. Mantle of juvenile birds is pale-brownish with cloudy buffy spots. Crown is brown-mottled. Flight feathers are greyish, tail feathers are brownish white-spotted. Underparts are grey-brownish with unclear white spots. Bill is brownish, legs are grey-pinkish. Eyes are brown. Sizes: wing 420-490 mm, tail 170-200 mm, tarsus 65-75 mm, bill 55-70 mm. Average weight: males 1650 gr, females 1580 gr.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 2. Алма-Ата, 1962.


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Большая полярная чайка

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