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Little Gull

Larus minutus (Pallas, 1776)

Мартин малий | Малая чайка

Kinburnska Kosa
© Yuriy Kodrul


Little Gull is very small (2/3 size of Black-headed Gull) gull. Adult Little Gulls in spring plumage have glossy-black head. Mantle is pale-bluish-grey. Flight feathers are bluish-grey white tipped; lower surface of primaries and underwing are blackish-grey. White strips across wing. All other parts of plumage are white often pink-tinged on breast and belly. Bill is blackish-red, legs are red. Eyes are dark-brownish. In winter plumage head is mostly white with dark spots on crown, nape and ear-coverts. Bill in winter is blackish. Juveniles have brownish upperparts with buffy-white edges of feathers. Head is white with dark spots on head-flanks. Craw with unclear brownish spots. Tail feathers are white with black preterminal bar. Bill is blackish, legs are reddish, eyes are black. Sizes: wing 210-240 mm, tarsus 25-30 mm, bill 20-25 mm. Weight 119-122 gr.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 2. Алма-Ата, 1962.


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