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Jack Snipe

Lymnocryptes minimus (Brunnich, 1764)

Баранець малий | Гаршнеп

Karabinovka, Dnipropetrovsk region
© Alexander Nastachenko


In all seasons Jack Snipe have same plumages; juveniles are similar on adults. Crown and nape are black with rufous little spots. Black crown bordered by broad longitudinal pale-buffy band; in the middle of which black strip passes. Forehead is yellowish participated by black longitudinal strip. Nape is brownish with black cross mottles and pale streaks on tips of feathers. Back and shoulders are black green glanced and with rufous mottles. Outer webs of shoulder feathers are pale buffy-rufous; and form on back-flanks the light longitudinal bands. Rear-back and uppertail are black violet glanced; some uppertail feather have rufous edges. Throat is white. Fore-neck and flanks od neck, craw, fore-breast and flanks are buffy-rufous with brownish longitudinal streaks and white edges. Other underparts are white. Flight feather are black-brownish, some are with white tips. Tail feathers are dark-brownish rufous barred on outer webs; middle pair of tail feathers are black with rufous edges. Bill is black, some paler and browner in base and in spine of upper mandible. Legs are greenish or brownish. Eyes are dark-brown. Sizes: wing 101 – 117 mm, bill 37 – 41 mm. Weight: 34-43 grams.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 2. Алма-Ата, 1962.


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