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Temminck's Stint

Calidris temminckii (Leisler, 1812)

Побережник білохвостий | Белохвостый песочник

© Viacheslav Kaistro


On head and fore-mantle the Temminck's Stint has feathers with black-brownish centers and broad gray-brownish edges. Rear part of mantle and uppertail coverts are grey-brownish; outer uppertail coverts are white. Head-flanks are grayish brown-mottled. Underparts are white; but craw and adjoined parts of neck and breast are grey-buff with dark streaks. Primaries are gray-brownish, secondaries are with white tips; core of first primary is white; other are brownish. Axillaries are white. Central pair of tail feathers is black-brown; next tail feathers are lightened from center to end; and outer pair is all-white. Bill is blackish, slightly paler on base. Legs are greenish-brownish. Eyes are dark-brown. Winter adults are brownish-grey above. Upperwing coverts are dark-grey white-tipped. Flanks of head and neck are paler and greyer than upperparts. Craw and fore-breast are grayish; other underparts are white. Juveniles are similar on winter adults, but its upperparts feathers are with narrow dark edge and pale-whitish border. Sizes: wing 80-105, tarsus 17-20, bill 15-20 mm. Weight 23-29 gr.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 2. Алма-Ата, 1962.


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