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Squacco Heron

Ardeola ralloides (Scopoli, 1769)

Чапля жовта | Желтая цапля

Utluksky liman
© Viacheslav Kaistro


Head and neck of Squacco Heron are yellow passed to bright-buff on under-neck, on craw, and on breast-flanks. Throat is white passed to buffy-yellow on neck. On head there is crest from extended feathers, longest of which are with blackish strips along borders and with narrow white edges. Mantle and decor feathers are dark-buffy. Wings, uppertail, tail and all underparts beginning from craw are white. Upperwing coverts, median-belly have yellow tinge. Female is distinguished from male by less size and by less expressed dйcor feathers. Eye-skin are green, bill is grey-blue darkened in tip. Legs are meat-color with yellow soles and black claws. Eyes are pale-yellow. Winter plumage is without decor feathers. Juveniles are similar on winter adults and are distinguished by longitudinal strips on mantle and by yellow bill. Sizes: wing 206-234, tail 78-85, tarsus 59-63, bill 60-68 mm.


"Птицы Казахстана" том 1. "Наука". Алма-Ата, 1960.


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