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Rosy Starling

Sturnus roseus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Шпак рожевий | Розовый скворец

Odesa region
© Vladimir Kucherenko


The male of Rosy Starling in breeding plumage has black bluish-purple tinged head, neck, throat and front part of craw. The elongated feathers of the crown formed the crest. The scapulars, mantle, rump, breast and abdomen are rosy. The uppertail, undertail and feathers of the shank are black. The wings are black; the upper wing coverts and secondaries are with purple-green tone. The under wing coverts are black with rosy edges. The tail feathers are black. The bill is dichromatic; the base of lower mandible is black; other parts are rosy. The legs are yellow-brownish; the eyes are dark-brown. The female is dimmer; the crest is shorter. Juveniles have buffy-brownish upperparts; dirty buffy-white underparts; dark strikes on the throat. The flight and tail feathers are dark-brownish with the broad buffy or pale edges. Weight 59-89 grams, wing 116,1-133,3, tail 58,1-72,3 mm.


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other names

Rosy Pastor, Rose-coloured Starling

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