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Sociable Lapwing

Chettusia gregaria (Pallas, 1771)

Чайка степова | Кречетка

Poltava region
© Alexander Nastachenko


Adult male of Sociable Lapwing in breeding plumage has brownish-grey mantle, craw and upper-breast. Crown, lores and eye-strip are black. Forehead and supercilium are white or cream, throat and cheeks are whitish. Bottom-breast is black, abdomen is rusty. Uppertail coverts and rump are white. Primaries are black, the inner primaries are white-tipped. Secondaries and axillaries are white. Outer tail feathers are all white, rest tail feathers are white with broad black terminal band. Bill and legs are black, eyes are dark-brownish. The summer female is distinguished from the male by the brownish black-mottled crown; the belly spots are less neat, not black and rusty but smoky and chestnut colors often with some white feathers. In winter the plumage of adult birds is dimmer; crown is brownish, upperpart feathers are with pale terminal tips, the spots on breast are faint brownish-grey; rest underparts are off-white. Juveniles are brownish-grey above with pale-buff edges of feathers; crown is dark brown; underparts are whitish with faint dark spots on craw and breast.


«Птицы Казахстана» том 2. Издательство Академии Наук Казахской ССР. Алма-Ата, 1972.


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Степная пигалица

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