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Sandwich Tern

Thalasseus sandvicensis (Latham, 1787)

Крячок рябодзьобий | Пестроносая крачка

© Yuriy Kodrul


An adult bird in marriage has the upper part of the head, where the "bang" is black on the back; back, wide, overhead and the whole plane of the top of the wings are gray; the rest of the plumage is white; tail tail; the beak is black, at the end of the yellow; black feet; in an out-of-wedlock feather the forehead and the front part of the straw are white. A young bird is similar to an out-of-wedlock adult, but the color of the back and the upper covering front on the motley wings; the beak is often quite black.

The groom is a grooved cranberry breed different from an adult black-haired boar featuring a longer two-colored beak and a hinged white tail, a young rhubarb from a young black-haired boar - a longer beak, a dark top of the head and a darker twist on the back and shoulders.


Breeding in the Black Sea and Azov Sea regions.


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