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2019 results!

2020-01-10| Andrew Simon

Here is another year of active search, recognition and photographing of birds for the members of our site. 2019 has brought us many interesting meetings with both birds and each other. During the last year our participants managed to record 322 species of birds, which became a record value in the whole history of the site !!! In 2019, we were pleased with 71 of our photos, which is also a new record for the site.

The winners of the Big Year 2019 contest were:

I place - Pylypyuk Konstantin and 234 photographed bird species per year
II place - Evgeny Chernolev and 233 photographed views for the year
III place - Komarovsky Dmitry and 225 photographed view for the year.

Sincere congratulations to the winners and wishes for new achievements and pleasant experiences from bird watching and communication with each other !!!

Not to be pleased, the fact that this year the number of participants who were able to photograph more than 200 species has not decreased and equals 7 this year !!! Therefore, separate congratulations: Sheremet Oleg (208 species), Kiselev Inna (206 species), Komarovsky Alexei (204 species) and Sergiy Travelyan (202 species). The number of participants who were able to photograph more than 100 species did not change this year! And it can not but rejoice.

For the first time in 2019, photos of the species such as oatmeal, gull spur, oatmeal and gray lark appeared on the site. And so the number of photographed species on the territory of Ukraine and uploaded to our site reached 360!

Another innovation from the end of 2018 allowed all members of the site to participate in photo evaluation. Thanks to this, we congratulate Sergiy Travellyan on his Best Photo of the Year with Zmeid !!! We will also add to the gallery the best photos of all the months with captions in the format (Month | View | Author | Likes). We wish everyone a pleasant viewing!

And at the end of the post, I want to wish everyone an interesting observation, unexpected meetings, quality photos, identifying birds and good mood regardless of the weather and the time of year!

1. The table of results of the competition as of 01/10/2020













2020-01-11. Юрій Кодруль:

Костя, вітаю з перемогою! Женя і Діма теж великі молодці! Вітаю всіх учасників з чудовими результатами минулого року та бажаю досягти ще кращих результатів цього року!

2020-01-11. Сергій Травелян:

Так, за минулий рік відбулося чимало цікавих подій та зустрічей. Було приємно брати участь у діяльності спільноти і радий що моє фото відзначили!
Бажаю всім нових цікавинок у 2020му!

2020-01-13. Костянтин Пилипюк:

Дякую! Також вітаю інших учасників і бажаю нових відкриттів!)

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rare birds records

Rustic Bunting (Emberiza rustica)

© Igor Kozytsky
Kharkivs'rf obl., Mala Rohan', Rohanka river

Rare migratory and wintering visitor. Just over ten observations are known in Ukraine.

Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides)

© Maxim Yakovlev
lake Kugurlui, Odessa region

The first registration of specie in Ukraine by winter season. The bird was observed by Maksym Yakovlev and Kostiantyn Pylypiuk.

Buff-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus humei)

© Kostiantyn Pylypiuk

This is the 4th registration for Ukraine and 4th registration for the Odesa region. The 2nd winter observation.

Black-eared Wheatear (Oenanthe hispanica)

Genicheskaya Gorka.

It is a rare flying sight in Ukraine. There is evidence of nesting of the species in the south of the Crimean peninsula.

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unidentified birds


Кирило Горшков: Птица которая находится в центре второй фотографии кажется меньше относительно белолобого гуся ззаде нее


Кирило Горшков: Или на фото его нет?


Олег Марцун: у меня сложилось вначале такое же впечатление, но засомневался.

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